Documents we translate most often

These are the most popular documents that we translate into Russian or vice versa

There are tens of documents that we translate on a regular basis. We decided to describe how we work with some of them, so that you could take a sneak peek into the inner workings of our translation bureau.

Document Into Russian From Russian
catalogue $0.06-0.08 per word $0.1-0.15 per word
contract $0.06-0.08 per word $0.1-0.15 per word
drawings $0.06-0.08 per word $0.1-0.15 per word
manual $0.06-0.08 per word $0.1-0.15 per word
menu $0.06-0.08 per word $0.1-0.15 per word
presentation $0.06-0.08 per word $0.1-0.15 per word

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