Translation of patents

Smart filter of translators, discount on repetitions, narrow focus on Russian language

We’ll select the best translator for your patent. Our editors will then check the translation. Besides, we can check the source text for repetitions and offer a 50%-70% discount on them. What’s more, we have a special software to monitor the terminology usage and utilize our TM archives.

Translation quotes for patents

Our quotes are based on the number of words in source files. Since patents might have repetitive text we can offer a significant discount on repetitions.

Common languages
Into Russian
$0,06 / word
From Russian
$0,10 / word
Common languages are the most popular ones (like English, French, German, Spanish etc.). There are lots of Russian translators of these languages, that is why we can offer lower rates.
Rare languages
Into Russian
$0,10 / word
From Russian
$0,15 / word
There are languages that only few translators work with, such as Icelandic, Japanese, or Pashto. We call them rare languages and charge more to translate from or into them.

What does the patent translation process look like?

First of all, we’ll analyze the text. Then we’ll select a translator taking into account the topic and his or her previous experience in patent translation. Besides, we employ all available technologies so that terminology and repetitions in text stay consistent and correct. We welcome extra translation requirements that come from our customers in advance.

Translator selection

Language pair, target audience, terminology – we’ll consider everything when selecting the best translator for you.

We have developed a system that analyzes and offers our project managers the best matching translators. That’s’ why the risk of translation failure is quite low.

Here are the main criteria to select the right professional:

If inhouse translators are busy with other projects, we will appoint freelancers. If you need your text to be translated by a native speaker of the target language, your project manager will filter job candidates out in two clicks.
Our patent translation quotes include editing which you can ask us to exclude but our advice is to keep it. An editor will find omissions and mistakes, double-check the vocabulary, and give your translator a score. The editors' assessment helps us create a viable translator ranking.
We analyze our translators’ experience in dealing with different kinds of topics. As a result, the system will accrue conditional score and rank the translators according to their competencies.
We cooperate with translators both in Russia and abroad. That’s why we have to take into account the time zones, but time difference is not a big deal if a translator is well skilled.
A list of Russian patent translators

We count repetitions in text and make a discount

If your patent documentation has many repetitions in text, we’ll use a special software to estimate their volume and offer you a discount. The same software helps us monitor the consistency of terms in the project.

Our software does not translate; it finds repetitions in text based on our TMs. This process is called translation memory accumulation.

First and foremost, it helps us speed up our work.

Secondly, it provides consistency throughout the document or project. This may be essential for large projects with several translators and editors involved.

Thirdly, we offer a discount on repetitions in text. Here's what it looks like:

We analyze a source file and count the word number. Then we look for repetitions in text.
Having found the repetitions in text, we offer a 70% discount on those repetitions.

Нужен такой же скрин, как на ТЭ, только в направлении англ - рус. Можно не про патенты, а просто чтобы было видно количество повторов.

Certified translations in Russia

If you want your translations to have legal force in Russia, we can certify them for you.

Learn more about certified translation

Convenient payment options

You can pay via PayPal or by a wired transfer. All major payment options are available.

Can I get a discount?

Sure! Discounts are available for regular customers and are also made for large documents (30+ pages), and texts with repetitions.

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