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How Do I Address a Letter to Russia?

No one knows where life will lead you. Maybe you’ll have to send a letter to Russia one day. Maybe the day has already come.

The task is more complicated than expected as the world’s largest and most mysterious country is not that helpful when it comes to understanding it...

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How To Write the Date in Russian

Any small thing may become tricky when observed closer. Texts show it best as they are made of the tiniest elements. And that’s totally okay - taking a closer look at texts is our job. Dates are a good example of that tiny detail that gets overlooked often. The traditions of writing dates and the...

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Writing Multi-Digit Numbers in Russian

When translating financial documents like balance sheets or cash and flow reports, we always check if we should adjust the numbers as well since there may be differences in how to indicate multi-digit numbers in different countries.

In the course of our work, we’ve developed a short checkl...

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