Video Localization

Make your video sound 100% local in Russia

We can perform a simple translation of your video or localize it in full (including editing, voiceover, titles, music etc.). All you need to do is send us a link to your video and let us know what needs to be done. We will get back to you with all available options.

Basic Translation Or Full Localization? You choose

Basic video translation is delivered as a text document and is performed as fast as regular text translation (at least 8 minutes per day).

Full localization takes much more time, but we can do various things with your video content and make it not only sound in another language, but feature new graphics, effects and more.


Features of the source video and what you want to do with it will determine the localization algorithm. We can handle any formats and take on videos of any complexity. Animations and graphics may be difficult to deal with sometimes, but if you provide us with the project source there shouldn't be any problems at all. Video localization is a multistep process, and we will update you on the status regularly. You can also take part in final text approval and speaker selection. To sum it up, we will do our best to make your video look great and sound local.

Ekaterina Gaidadym, SPB Translations English-Russian translator

Translation Rates For Video Files

Video translation rates are estimated per minute. The final cost may be a bit higher if a video features a high rate of speech, or contains hard to read text or subtitles.

Common languages
Into Russian
$15 per minute
From Russian
$25 per minute
Common languages are the most popular ones (like English, French, German, Spanish etc.). There are lots of Russian translators of these languages, that is why we can offer lower rates.
Rare languages
Into Russian
$20 per minute
From Russian
$35 per minute
There are languages that only few translators work with, such as Icelandic, Japanese, or Pashto. We call them rare languages and charge more to translate from or into them.

Localization Services:

  • Create transcript — $2 per minute
  • Add subtitles — $10-25 per minute (depends on the source video and desired subtitles look)
  • Voice over in Russian — $30 per minute
  • Audio sync, background music selection, editing — on request.

There is a minimum charge of $70 for subtitling and voice over services.

Basic Video Translation Example

We have translated this video into Russian and delivered as a plain text document without transcript.

Total cost — $30

Source Video in English

Translation into Russian

Basic video translation into Russian example

Full Localization Example №1

We have translated this video into Russian, dubbed the video with the help of a selected voice actor, and added some background music.

Total cost — $100

Source Video in English

Localized Video in Russian

Full Localization Example №2

We have translated the titles into Russian, prepared a transcript, agreed with the customer on the translated text, changed some terms where the customer found it necessary, added new titles over the old ones.

Total cost — $150

Source Video in English

Localized Video in Russian

Contact Us

Send us your video or a link to it and we will offer you localization options with estimated budget. Feel free to contact us with any language related inquires.