Translation of product catalogues

Russian language only. Top quality from locals for affordable price.

Basic catalogues with just lists of products are translated really fast as we have several Russian translators for each language we work with. Complex data-rich catalogues are also translated pretty fast if we perform plain text translation. If you want to keep the design we will need a bit more time and effort for DTP services (performed right after translation).

Translation Rates for Product Catalogues

Product catalogues are all different, so the translation quote is based on the number of words in the source file. Plain text translations and translations with basic formatting are charged according to the rates below. DTP services (in case they are required) are charged extra.

Common languages
Into Russian
$0,06 / word
From Russian
$0,10 / word
Common languages are the most popular ones (like English, French, German, Spanish etc.). There are lots of Russian translators of these languages, that is why we can offer lower rates.
Rare languages
Into Russian
$0,10 / word
From Russian
$0,15 / word
There are languages that only few translators work with, such as Icelandic, Japanese, or Pashto. We call them rare languages and charge more to translate from or into them.

Product Catalogue Translation in Details

We usually translate catalogues in two steps. The first step is translation, which is followed by text formatting. We can save the original design of your catalogue or make is simpler and deliver the translation faster.

We Assign Those Who Translate Catalogues Best

If you’re going to distribute your catalogue among the natives (in Russia, for exmple), consider local translators!

There are Russian language translators all around the world. However, those who live in Russia process more information in their native language and are in constant contact with local people. This means that they are more aware of the language changes and trends.

We have developed an online self-learning algorythm that searches through our database of Russian translators. It helps to find the best matching candidate for your project according to several criteria:

  • number of successfully fulfilled translations of selected topic and document type;
  • editor's score on previous translations;
  • feedback from clients and project managers.
translator selection process

You Can Take Part Too (if you wish)

We do not simply grind the translations out. Instead, we approach each order carefully and are looking forward to your feedback to make the best translation we can.

Feel free to send your guidelines, or specific glossary requirements, or just your personal wishes regarding the final product. This information helps translators a lot. When the catalogue translation is ready, we will answer any of your questions, and make corrections, if necessary.

Feedback helps us a lot indeed. We do assign translators and editors familiar with the topic, google and double check specific terms, and in general do our best to translate well. However, as most catalogues contain advertising message, clients' feedback is always of utmost value. It not only helps to translate general text of the catalogue, but also is really valueable for correct products' names translation. Moreover, if you have had translated your catalogues before and have been happy with the result, sending them together with the main document will prevent us from translating the terms or names of the products in a different way.
Ekaterina Gaidadym, SPB Translations project manager

Choose How The Translated Catalogue Will Look Like

We can just translate the text and simplify the original layout (and save time and money). Or we can make the translated catalogue look like the original one. In most such cases DTP services are charged extra.

Basic formatting

The original design will be lost, but the catalogue's structure will still be kept. You will be able to compare the translated pages to the original ones pretty easily.

Here is what we will do:

  • the translation won't have complex graphics, but we will place all the text around the page in the same way;
  • simple tables, lists and other basic formatting will be kept;
  • text on images will be translated and included in the final document;
  • for images containing lots of text equivalency tables might be used.
Basic formatting is already included in our translation rates.

Original product catalogue in English

English product catalogue before being translated into russian

Russian translation with basic formatting

English product catalogue after being translated into russian (with basic formatting)

Exact copy or very close to that

If you plan to print or send out your catalogue, order translation with dtp services. We will make the translation look exactly like the original catalogue.

Here is what we will do:

  • we require source files or at least high quality pdfs;
  • all graphics, font styles, tables and any other design elements will be kept in translation;
  • we can even change the original design if necessary.
Please mind that we charge extra $2-$5 per page if you choose this layout option. The final cost depends on complexity and quality of the source layout.

Original catalogue in German

German product catalogue before being translated into russian

Russian translation with identical layout

German product catalogue after being translated into russian (similar layout)

Certified translations in Russia

If you want your translations to have legal force in Russia, we can certify them for you.

Learn more about certified translation

Convenient payment options

You can pay via PayPal or by a wired transfer. All major payment options are available.

Can I get a discount?

Sure! Discounts are available for regular customers and are also made for large documents (30+ pages), and texts with repetitions.

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