Translation of employment confirmation letters

1 day delivery and neat formatting by Russian translation experts

Usually it takes us one business day to translate an employment confirmation letter. This is a simple document we have translated many times before, so it poses no problems at all. A target employment confirmation letter can be certified too, and we’ll offer a discount on certifying or notarizing several documents.

Translation quotes for employment confirmation letters

Employment confirmation letters are usually quoted based on the number of words.

Common languages
Into Russian
$0,06 / word
From Russian
$0,10 / word
Common languages are the most popular ones (like English, French, German, Spanish etc.). There are lots of Russian translators of these languages, that is why we can offer lower rates.
Rare languages
Into Russian
$0,10 / word
From Russian
$0,15 / word
There are languages that only few translators work with, such as Icelandic, Japanese, or Pashto. We call them rare languages and charge more to translate from or into them.

How we translate employment confirmation letters

We’ll handle the text quickly, because it abounds with clichés and fixed expressions. But we’ll dwell on data accuracy, double-checking them and comparing them with data in your other documents (if your employment confirmation letter is a part of a document set.)

Our translators focus on detail

In an employment confirmation letter, the style does not vary much; our translators will focus on titles, names, dates, and addresses instead.

We know what details authorities look for in translations, and we will pay special attention to the following data:

  1. First we'll bring your last name and first names into line with your passport or with the translations you've already ordered.
  2. We usually don't use abbreviations as is but expand them in target language and provide additional explanations.
  3. We localize numbers in the target file.
  4. We translate the text in seals too.
  5. We mark the target text with references to source graphic elements like stamps, logos, or signatures.

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Quality formatting

We will format a translation file so that it could suit any purpose. We also will take into account your references and wishes, if possible; for example, we can keep a source company letterhead if your file is editable or contains high-quality images.

A translated employment confirmation letter has the following features:

  1. To make it convenient to use and compare with the source file, we keep the document structure, text blocks and overall formatting.
  2. We’ll translate all text, including seals and stamps. We'll leave references in places where signatures are located in the source file.
  3. If we are drafting a translation file to be certified, we’ll add all necessary attributes like language pair, certification statement (if necessary, with the translator's details), signatures of authorized persons, and dates.
By the way! We certify translations both in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg. Although notaries in different cities may have their own requirements to formatting, notarized translations are valid throughout Russia.
Employment confirmation letter translation layout

Certified translations in Russia

If you want your translations to have legal force in Russia, we can certify them for you.

Learn more about certified translation

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Can I get a discount?

Sure! Discounts are available for regular customers and are also made for large documents (30+ pages), and texts with repetitions.

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