Translation of contracts

Get you contract translated by local Russian language experts

We translate contracts into Russian and from Russian into other languages. Apart from being translated by qualified linguists your contract will also be formatted the way you like it. If you want us to put the translation in a neighbouring column, we will do that at no extra cost. Furthermore, we can certify the translation in Russia.

How much does Russian contract translation cost?

Since agreements contain quite a lot of clichés and texts are not considered to be highly specialized, a standard cost is applied (see the table below) when calculating the cost of translation. If an agreement is sent in an editable format, translation in a two-column format or general text formatting will be done without the cost being increased. For an accurate calculation, it is always better to send us the agreement for an estimate.

Common languages
Into Russian
$0,06 / word
From Russian
$0,10 / word
Common languages are the most popular ones (like English, French, German, Spanish etc.). There are lots of Russian translators of these languages, that is why we can offer lower rates.
Rare languages
Into Russian
$0,10 / word
From Russian
$0,15 / word
There are languages that only few translators work with, such as Icelandic, Japanese, or Pashto. We call them rare languages and charge more to translate from or into them.

We translate contracts almost every day and always keep to strict rules in assigning translators and proper formatting of translated text. We will make sure that you are happy with our job.

Careful choice of translators

Contracts are specific documents, so we appoint translators who conform to the following principles:

  • great knowledge of legal terminology;
  • sufficient number of successfully translated agreements;
  • lack of negative feedback from editors or clients.
By the way! We do translate from Russian as well. In this case we involve native speakers of the desired language who are also chosen according to the above mentioned principles.
When translators deal with contracts, it is not only about the terminology but also about a drafting style. A legally qualified translator uses explicit and laconic phrases that exclude double interpretation. He uses set phrases and clichés that are typical of lawyers. Long and complex sentences which may distort the meaning of an original statement are skillfully avoided.
Ksenia Plotnikova, SPB Translations translator/editor (English, German)

Ready-to-use document or basic translation for further proofreading?

We are flexible. Let us know if you want just a quick basic translation or a final document that can be used straight away.

We have got 3 options for you:

  1. Ready-to-use document
    Your contract will be translated and edited. We recommend this option if you want to start using the document immediately.
  2. Translation + proofreading with "Track Changes" enabled
    We can send the translated contract with enabled "Track Changes" mode, so that you can compare equivalents used by a translator and an editor.
  3. Basic translation
    We can exclude proofreading and perform translation much faster. The service will be 15-20% cheaper, but the text may contain misprints or minor mistakes.

Source document in Italian

a contract in Italian to be translated into Russian

Translation into Russian with tracked changes

an Italian contract translated into Russian

Formatting is important as well

Translation of a contract is usually formatted in one of these ways:

  • as a new document with the original formatting being saved;
  • more often translation is placed in the neighboring column of the same document, so what you receive is a bilingual agreement.

In any case, the translated text will be formatted in accordance with the original document. Ordered lists, highlighted text and proper paragraph indentation will be preserved. Moreover, if the text size differs from the original, we will put contractual clauses aside and make sure that the contract is perfectly readable.

By the way! We place the translation in a neighbouring column and format the text accordingly at no extra cost.

2 column layout example

contract translation, 2 column layout

Certified translations in Russia

If you want your translations to have legal force in Russia, we can certify them for you.

Learn more about certified translation

Convenient payment options

You can pay via PayPal or by a wired transfer. All major payment options are available.

Can I get a discount?

Sure! Discounts are available for regular customers and are also made for large documents (30+ pages), and texts with repetitions.

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