Russian language experts. Translate from Vietnamese into Russian or vice versa.

We translate all types of documents from Vietnamese into Russian, however, documents for customs clearance are in the highest demand. In most cases translations are required by state departments, so our translators provide necessary diplomas and certificates as a proof of their expertise. Many translators of the Vietnamese language work as interpreters as well. You can order Vietnamese-Russian interpreting services in all major Russian cities.

Vietnamese Translation Rates

We translate documents from Vietnamese into Russian and from Russian into Vietnamese. We can also provide interpreters with the mentioned language pair all over Russia and in many countries around the world.

Document/Text translation

Document or text translation rates depend on the number of words to be translated. However, source documents in Vietnamese language are evaluated on per page basis due to language specifics. Our rates are listed below, however we encourage you to send your text or documents for evaluation.

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Direction Rate per word Rate per page
From Vietnamese Into Russian N/A $25
From Russian into Vietnamese $0.15 $45-60

Important details:

  • Minimum charge is $30
  • Higher rates may be applied for documents with complex layout.
  • Discounted rates may be applied for texts containing 10000+ words, for texts containing repetitions.


Interpreting is charged per hour or per day (in case of long term projects). Our rates are listed below. To help us find the best interpreter for you please provide all available information about your event: event type, its programme, venue address etc.

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Location Rate per hour Rate per day
Vietnamese-Russian interpreter in Russia $40 $320
Vietnamese-Russian interpreter outside of Russia $60 $480

Important details:

  • Minimum charge is $100
  • Higher rates may be applied for work on weekends, holidays, or at night.
  • Discounted rates may be applied if you need an interpreter for more than a week.

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We will be glad to help you with any inquiries concerning Vietnamese and Russian languages. Feel free to ask questions, we will provide you with detailed information.